Uncover the Secrets of Northern Europe

Cruise Baltic is an engaged facilitator and network connecting 32 partner ports and destinations in the Baltic Sea region in Northern Europe.

Together with our partners, our aim is to exceed expectations by delivering high standards, full integration and outstanding service.

But what is it that the Northern European countries get right every time?

What is our secret?
It doesn’t make sense. It’s cold. The weather is bad. Some of the food is strange.
But despite the rain, rugged terrain and long winter nights, we managed to create something quietly wonderful.

Discover why each of our destinations holds a piece of the bigger secret that makes us who we are.

Itinerary Planner

Ease your itinerary planning in the Baltic region by using the Itinerary Planner. Create a draft of your preferred itinerary, check availabilities and avoid congestion. Most cruise ports in the Baltic region are represented including cruise ports along the Norwegian coast which makes it a great tool for planning future itineraries!

(If you are a port, please login here: planner.cruisebaltic.com/login)

Kindly note, the Itinerary Planner does not work in Microsoft Explorer.

Shore power in the Baltic Sea

Please find an overview of available and planned onshore power supply in the Baltic Sea including all technical details needed


The Baltic Sea is a global hotspot for the rising cruise industry. Hundreds of cruise vessels, with thousands of port calls, carrying millions of guests all impact our area. However, the world is changing and the demand for sustainable tourism is growing. We will keep attracting cruise guests while simultaneously transforming the Baltic Sea into the most sustainable cruise destination in the world.


Cruise Baltic wants to encourage all cruise regions in the world to be as sustainable as possible and have therefore developed a tool with four indicators for sustainability in the cruise industry. The tool is an easy and concrete way to evaluate sustainability in a particular cruise region and see where and how you can improve.
Read more about the tool and download it via the below link.

Cruise Baltic score: 82.2


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Jan 24, 2024

Cruise Baltic welcomes a coastal gem as a new member of the network

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