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Aalborg is a charming city full of contrasts: From ancient Vikings through Middle Age and renaissance buildings to an international city full of modern architecture and culture. The award winning harbour front, where cruise ships dock at Aalborg Royal Cruise Berth, is situated only 200 meters, from the main square, encircled by 300 special shops in a cosy and welcoming atmosphere. Beautiful approaches are always a superb kick-off to a fantastic stay. In Aalborg, the approach starts two hours prior to berthing with a fabulous scenic fjord cruise – passing endless cornfields en route. Reaching the unique port of Aalborg, guests will arrive at the waterfront with innovative world-class architecture and exciting park areas.

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Language Danish
Distance from pier to city center
Pier 3014-15: 1.200 m
Pier 4041: 0 km
Pier 4050-62: 200 m
Pier 4110: 2.000 m
Transportation to/from airport 5 km to Aalborg Airport. Several daily flights to and from Copenhagen/Billund/Aarhus plus international flights. Connecting buses to the airport from the main railway station.
Currency Danish Krona DKK
Transport to/from city center Free shuttle service
City Card City Card
Downloadable map Aalborg City map
Berthing policy: First come, first served. Information available here
Pier 4041 View port map
Max LOA: 250 m
Max depth: 8,5 m
Type of berth (passenger, cargo, bulk traffic): Cruise/passenger
Fenders available (brand and type): Rubber tires
Bollard strength: SWL 40 t and 80 t
Info on tides: Plus/minus 0,4 m
Info on wind: Vessel traffic 365/24. Port fairly sheltered
Info on currents: 3 knots maximum current north/south
Restrictions: LOA max. 250 m
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Harbour dues (Currency/GT): 2,65 Dkk/GT
Passenger dues (Currency/PAX): 0,00 Dkk/Pax
All prices are subject to change. Cruise Baltic cannot be held liable for any port fees stated on the website. Please contact port for additional information.
Enter the Master Sheet to get an overview of all port and pier details. This will give easy access to port information and description of pier facilities and services. Download the document and unpack all files to get full access to all functions.
Always available
Available in some cases
Guest Experience Standards
The Cruise Baltic Guest Experience Standards indicate service touchpoints available for cruise guests at each of our destinations. An overview of the services available in the Baltic Sea region is also available in pdf. The Cruise Baltic destinations are committed to give guests the World’s greatest cruise experience.
Free local food samples
Free hotdogs for all passengers and crew!
Gifts for passengers
Cruise guest national flags
Independent guest reception and help
Local life and events with locals
Signed route from pier to city centre and/or public transport
Tourist information (office or maps) in port area
Money exchange in port area
Just across the main square (200 meters).
Free shuttle available
City centre within 1 km from pier
Publicly regulated taxis
Bike rental including map or GPS
Shopping & Attractions
Shops open on Sundays
Department stores and some smaller shops are always open on Sundays.
Shops offer flexible opening hours for cruise guests
Museums offer flexible opening hours for cruise guests
Shops accept credit card payment with no lower limit
Destination has special offers for crew
Separate crew area and free hotdogs for crew members. Separate crew excursions are available.
Destination collaboration
Local cruise network
Cruise network between port, destination and the municipality.
Education of tourism partners on the cruise guest
Possiblity for special arrangements and flexibility
Destination video available for Cruise Lines
Turnaround facilities
Scandic Hotel(s) in city
Cruise-ready hotels
Direct flights to USA
Airport less than one hour drive from port
Airport less than one hour drive from city centre
Free Wi-Fi in airport
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Utzon Center: Impressive cultural exhibition centre by the waterfront, designed by famous Danish architect, Jørn Utzon.
Viking Museum, Lindholm Hoeje: Scandinavia’s largest Viking burial site: More than 700 graves, several findings exhibited at the museum.
Hjelmerstald: One of the most beautiful areas of historic houses in Aalborg, the pride and joy of the city.
Budolfi Cathedral: Beautiful white church, from 1300 with the city´s trademark baroque spire. Expanded for more than 800 years.
Aalborghus Castle: Impressive castle and sinister dungeons, built by King Christian III, year 1539 -1555, as a fortress.
Aalborg Waterfront: Take a walk down Aalborg’s waterfront before or after a great meal. Stroll through the beautiful Jomfru Ane Park with the harbour pool, experience the Utzon Center or sit on the stairs right by the fjord, take in the ambiance.
Park of Music – ‘The Singing Trees’: In Kildeparken, you have the unique possibility of activating trees playing music from artists that have performed in Aalborg.
Classic & Popular
Aalborg Walking Tour: This tour is a perfect way to get to know the picturesque city of Aalborg.
Aalborg City Highlights: The scene is set for a number of Aalborg’s top attractions on this exciting trip.
Aalborg Beerwalk: Relish some of the city’s juiciest, quirky stories on this very special walk, Aalborg Beerwalk.
Castle & Countryside: Guided coach tour: 12th century Dronninglund Castle, home of beautiful 16th century chalk murals in its little church.
Guild of King Chr. IV: Dark wine cellars, a mystery brotherhood and a hush-hush admission ceremony. Does this sound intriguing to you? Join the guild and experience a special welcome as a guest of Aalborg.
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Lars Bech
Cruise Manager
Phone +45 99 31 75 00
Direct +45 99 31 75 24
Mobile +45 22 83 16 01
Kjellerups Torv 5, level 13, 9000 Aalborg, Denmark

Port of Aalborg
Michael Lind
Cruise Manager
Direct +45 9930 1511
Mobile +45 2920 7211
Langerak 19, 9220 Aalborg Øst, Denmark

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