North Zealand, Denmark's Royal Retreat

In Elsinore, the beautiful and the fascinating are a natural blend. The destination is just north of Copenhagen at the narrowest point of the Oresound. Ships dock right at Elsinore town and next door to Kronborg. Everything is nearby: A cultural centre is blooming, including a brand new, maritime museum, in the harbour between Kronborg Castle and the idyllic, historic town centre. Elsinore offers easy access to more than 30 attractions within maximum 1 hour of transportation. Each summer, Kronborg Castle hosts the Shakespeare’s Festival, international stars portraying Prince Hamlet. Former Hamlets count Richard Burton, Sir Lawrence Olivier and Jude Law.

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Quick facts
Language Danish
Distance from pier to city center
Royal Pier no 3: 0,3 km
Transportation to/from airport Train to/from Copenhagen Airport departs 3 times/hour, travel time approximately 1 hour. No bus connection By car approximately 1 hour.
Currency Danish Krona DKK
Transport to/from city center Most sights are within walking distance from the harbour
City Card NA
Downloadable map Yes
Berthing policy: Information available here
Royal Quay (Kongekajen) View port map
Max LOA: 150 meters
Max depth: 6,8 meters
Type of berth (passenger, cargo, bulk traffic): Mixed use
Fenders available (brand and type): Trelleborg V- fenders
Bollard strength: 20 tons
Info on tides: Very little tide, 0,3 M
Info on wind: Usually western. Port and anchorage are sheltered
Info on currents: Usually northern going 1-3 knots
Restrictions: No restrictions
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Harbour dues (Currency/GT): 0,44 EURO/GT
Passenger dues (Currency/PAX): Included in harbour dues
All prices are subject to change. Cruise Baltic cannot be held liable for any port fees stated on the website. Please contact port for additional information.
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Cruise guest national flags
Independent guest reception and help
Local life and events with locals
Signed route from pier to city centre and/or public transport
Map provided in the tourist information at the quay.
Tourist information (office or maps) in port area
Free Wi-Fi in port
City centre within 1 km from pier
Town center 200 meters away from quay
Publicly regulated taxis
Can be ordred, pls ask VisitNorthsealland or your agent
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Bike rental including map or GPS
Shopping & Attractions
Shops open on Sundays
Some shops might be open, list on request
Museums offer flexible opening hours for cruise guests
Pls. contact VisitNorthsealland for further informations
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Shops accept credit card payment with no lower limit
Destination has special offers for crew
Free city maps
Map provide in the tourist information at the quay.
Destination collaboration
Local cruise network
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Authorized guides
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Education of tourism partners on the cruise guest
Possiblity for special arrangements and flexibility
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Destination video available for Cruise Lines
Turnaround facilities
Cruise-ready hotels
Direct flights to USA
Yes, via CPH Airport
Airport less than one hour drive from port
Approx. one hour from CPH Airport
Airport less than one hour drive from city centre
Free Wi-Fi in airport
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Selected attractions
Kronborg : Home of Hamlet, immortalized by Shakespeare. One of three Danish UNESCO sites. The four-wing castle is a masterpiece of Danish renaissance architecture. The copper-covered towers and spires adorning the building and the church gable are especially impressive. One can visit the Royal Chambers, the church and the ballroom (the longhest room of its kind in Northern Europe) and the underground casemates. Every summer (June-August) Hamlet and his family take up residence ind the castle during "Hamlet Live" In the second week of August the "Shakespeare Theater Festival" takes place at a scene outside the castle.
Maritime Museum of Denmark (M/S Søfart) : One of Denmark's most talked about and spectacular museums. Situated in front of Hamlets Castle is the shape of a huge skip, built underground and surrounding the ports old dry dock. Visionary presentation the story of Denmark as one of the worlds leading shipping nations in dramatic settings of films, soundscapes and models. Do not miss!!
The Culture Yard : Elsinores multicultural house: The Ship Yard Museum, public library, café, free acces to internet, international newspapers and computers. From the outside the sail-inspired facade of glass and steel present a modern sculpted apperance. Inside the old shipyard buildings are preserved as a historial core; you will find ra concrete walls, exposed ceiling beams, magnificnet windows and balconies facing the harbour. The amount af visitors has been stedadily rising. In 2015 the total exceeded 700.000 guests.
The Sculpture HAN (meaning HE): On the far end of the pier in front of the Culture Yard you will find the sculpture HAN (meaning HE in english). The young male in polished steel was created by the world famous artists duo Elmgreen & Dragset and it has become a landmark for Kulturhavn Kronborg and Elsinore. HAN is a clear referance to the classic "Little Mermaid" in Copenhagen.
Old Town Elsinore: Elsinore is the only major Danish city that only have lived by the sea and not of its hinterland. The town was founded in the 1200s. Elsinore's old town is full of history. The city is shaped by the prosperity that followed with the Sound Dues, and a trek through Elsinore's old town center offers a good insight into the city's history. The cityscape is characterized by beautiful Gothic town houses, neoclassical mansions and well-equipped buildings from the late 1700s. Stengade is the pedestrian street is lined with shops, cafes with outdoor seating.
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Exciting Extras
Frederiksborg Castle : Denmark’s greatest Renaissance castle and famed for its elegant Baroque Garden.
Fredensborg Castle: Named Little Versailles, summer residence of the Queen of Denmark and the royal family.
Louisiana: World famous international art museum, Giacometti, Picasso, Warhol, extraordinary sculpture park. Oresound view.
Rungstedlund : Home of late, world famous author Karen Blixen (aka. Isak Dinesen). Open to the public.
Varied Shore Excursions
Royalty for a Day: Kronborg Castle, Royal Family’s summer residence Fredensborg Castle, Frederiksborg Castle, beautiful landscapes of North Zealand.
Walking Tour in Elsinore : Ancient cobbled streets, beautiful bourgeois houses. The Town Museum, the Saint Olai Cathedral, The Carmelite Monastery.
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Hornbaek Harbour Festival
From 27-07-2018 to 29-07-2018
Other, Folklore, Food, Music
hornbaek harbour festival
NOTE: The precise dates of this event are not yet available, and will be confirmed closer to the date
Shakespeare Festival 2018
From 04-08-2018 to 12-08-2018
NOTE: The precise dates of this event are not yet available, and will be confirmed closer to the date Shakespeare performance in the courtyard of Hamlet's castle Kronborg in Elsinore Tickets from approx. DKK 250
Sand Sculpture Festival
From 10-05-2018 to 15-09-2018
NOTE: The precise dates of this event are not yet available, and will be confirmed closer to the date Entrance fee. At the harbor area in Hundested
Port of Elsinore
Jesper Schrøder
Port Manager
Phone +45 4921 0515
Mobile +45 2840 8308
Nordhavnsvej 13 3000 Helsingør Denmark

Henrik Numelin
Operation manager
Mobile +45 48 24 26 26
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