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Quietly Wonderful Nyborg awaits

The heart of the Kingdom of Denmark

A HISTORIC AND AUTHENTIC DESTINATION IN THE MIDDLE OF DENMARK Nyborg is an old fortress town with a historic city centre surrounded by castles, cosy streets, beaches and green areas which makes it a perfect setting for relaxing and exploring danish history. The central location of Nyborg right in the middle of Denmark gives access to scenic nature and world class attractions. Within less than a 1 hour drive you can reach the old royal castles like Egeskov Castle and Valdemars Castle, the childhood home of the world-famous author Hans Christian Andersen as well as the authentic open air museum The Funen Village in Odense.

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What you need to know



Distance from pier to city center

2,0 km, but the guests must take free shuttlebusses

Transport to/from airport

Taxis are available


Danish kroner / DKK. Credit cards are accepted, and some places dollars and euros.

Important Port Matters

Berthing policy: First come, first served. Information available here

Cruise quay 20-21 + 24-25

Max LOA: Pier 20-21: 180,0m Pier 24-25: 320,0mMax depth: Pier 20-21: 8,50m Pier 24-25: 11,0mType of berth (passenger, cargo, bulk traffic): Combined Passenger, bulk and breakbulk berth.Fenders available (brand and type): Fully fendered along the entuire berths with rubbertires.Bollard strength: 50,0mt - distance between bollards 20,0m. Learn more

Covid-19 Information

There are currently no COVID-19 restrictions in any of the 31 Cruise Baltic destinations. If the situation changes, this section will be updated with the necessary information regarding each port and destination.

Port Fees

Harbour dues (Currency/GT)

DKK 3,99

Passenger dues (Currency/PAX)

DKK 3,95

Services available for guests

Always available
Available in some cases
Download PDF with an overview of services available at all Cruise Baltic destinations.
Personal welcome

Cruise Nyborg gives the guests a personal welcome

Musical welcome and/or farewell
Free local food samples
Shops open on Sundays
Shops offer flexible opening hours for cruise guests
Independent guest reception and help

In the city center with a tourist information

Local life and events with locals
Tourist information

There will be handed out citymaps

Destination collaboration/shore excursions
Local cruise network
Authorized guides
Education of tourism partners on the cruise guest
Free shuttle available

From the port to the city center and back, because the ship is calling a berth in an ISPS area.

Publicly regulated taxis
Bike rental including map or GPS
Turnaround facilities
Airport less than one hour drive from port
Airport less than one hour drive from city centre

Hans Christian Andersen Airport

Free Wi-Fi in airport
Quarters for crew in port

Destination Highlights

CITY OF NYBORG: THE HEART OF THE KINGDOM OF DENMARK The royal city of Nyborg is located on the eastern coast of Funen. Here you find old castles, beaches, and the beautiful town which was founded in the late 11th century. Nyborg is one of Denmark's oldest towns and was capital of Denmark during several hundred years before Copenhagen, because of its central location. Today, you can walk in the footsteps of Danish kings and queens through Nyborg. Within the town you will find cosy shopping streets and the historical Nyborg Castle, which was a royal castle built towards the end of the 12th century as part of the fortification of the Great Belt region. Nyborg Castle is one of the oldest secular buildings which is preserved in Denmark. The castle is in process of becoming UNESCO World Heritage.

Nyborg Destillery

VISIT DENMARK'S LARGEST ECOLOGICALLY MICRO DESTILLERY Nyborg has one of Denmark's largest ecologically micro destillery, which produces not only whisky, but also rum and gin and aquavit. Many of the products have won medals in some of the most recognized international spirits competitions in the world.


The schooner will take you on an amazing boat trip, where you can experience Nyborg from the sea. On the trip you can among others see Holckenhavn castle, the old lighthouse at Knudshoved, the ferry harbor which for many years was a central part of the route from Funen to Zealand, and of course you wil get to see the Great Belt Bridge and its impressive architecture up close.


A PRIME EXAMPLE OF RENAISSANCE ARCHITECTURE Egeskov castle was built in 1554 in the heart of southern Funen, and Count Ahlefeldt and his family still live here to this very day. As one of the finest examples of renaissance architecture in Northern Europe, the castle has an authentic moat, a spire, a banqueting hall and winding staircases, and its thick walls resonate with fabulous legends about fearsome creatures. DENMARK'S MOST BEAUTIFUL GARDEN Egeskov has won the European Garden Award when the European Garden & Heritage Network voted it Best European historic garden in 2012. This lovely spot in Denmark also caught the attention of CNN, which has nominated Egeskov ‘one of the world's 12 most fabulous gardens’ in 2013.


You can go to Sydney. Or Middelfart by the Little Belt. In both cities, you can take a walk on a bridge. Experience the height and the spectacular and unimpeded view. Enjoy the view of the sea, nature, ships as well as Fredericia and Middelfart. Bridgewalking on the Little Belt Bridge is a unique attraction in Denmark. Before the bridge was built in 1939, everyone who wanted to travel between Funen and Jutland had to take a ferry across the Little Belt. A SPECTACULAR VIEW FROM THE TOP Visitors will cross the bridge at a height of 60 meters (196 feet). During the walk, a guide will inform participants of the bridge architecture, the history, the building and the nature surrounding the Little Belt. Bridgewalking opened in 2015, and has since then been a great success.


Valdemars Castle is set in an idyllic location close to the water on the small island of Tåsinge on the Southern coast of Funen. The castle was built in 1644 by King Christian IV for his son Valdemar Christian, hence the name Valdemars Castle. The castle was later given to national hero Niels Juel, who renovated it in the Baroque style in the late 1700 century. STEP INSIDE AN IMPRESSIVE CASTLE Valdemars Castle is both a museum and home to the castle owners – the 12th generation of the same family. When you step inside the castle, you will encounter a beautifully furnished home that reflects the history of the castle. This is where princes and princesses lived centuries ago, and as a visitor you are free to explore the castle rooms and chambers. BEAUTIFUL SURROUNDINGS The castle is truly located in beautiful surroundings on a small bay, surrounded by large grounds featuring broad lawns and old, tall trees and with a great view over the water.


THERE ONCE WAS A MAN NAMED HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN The city of Odense is one of the oldest cities in Denmark. The history goes back more than 1000 years, and the city is probably best known for its famous son, the author Hans Christian Andersen, who through his fairy tales has put his mark on the city. A tour to Odense will take you through the history of Hans Christian Andersen combined with the history of the city. For more than 100 years, Odense has had its Hans Christian Andersen Museum and every year, thousands of tourists from all over the world visit the birthplace of the famous poet. Today, the museum houses a thorough insight to Hans Christian Andersen´s life, his character, his travels and his many connections at home and abroad.


In the Funen open-air museum - with rural structures from the 18th and 19th century - a complete village environment has been recreated, with half-timbered buildings, fences and farm animals, village pond and village streets. The entire village is surrounded by cultivated land. The museum tells the story of life in the country around the 1850s. The buildings and countryside of 19th century Funen take visitors back to the time and places that inspired Hans Christian Andersen and other leading Golden Age personalities to write poetry, paint, and think about democracy and constitutional law. LIVING HISTORY AT WORK The village is a piece of living history where guests get to discover what it meant to be a Danish common folk back when Hans Christian Andersen was still writing fairy tales, which have now become literary classics. Volunteers in traditional clothes create the authentic atmosphere as they go about their daily chores and tell the story of how ordinary country people lived in Funen in the 19th century. Guests can watch - or try their hand at - old artisan trades and handicrafts .

Exciting extras

The Great Belt Bridge: Just next to Nyborg habour, the Great Belt Bridge is located. It is 18 km long, and one of the world’s largest construction projects.


The first weekend in July there is "Danehof" the Medieval Market in Nyborg.

What’s on right now in Nyborg?

There are no upcoming events at the moment

Excursions – on and off the beaten path

Other things to do in Nyborg

Biking tours in Nyborg are very popular.
If you enjoy a good bike ride, then you should rent a bicikle in Nyborg and take a ride in the beautiful sorroundings.
Church of Our Lady
The Church of Our Lady was built between the years 1388 to 1428 and was consecrated on Whit-Sunday 1428. The four western transepts of the church are the oldest; at the beginning of the 15th century, these were closed off to the east by a north-south wall. By 1428, however, the church had been augmented with the two eastern transepts, the present chancel and, presumably, three chapels. Around the Reformation the three chapels on the south side were joined together with a common roof and in the 1550’s, King Christian III had the church extended with a full length extra aisle to the north. The great west tower was completed in 1589. The Church of Our Lady had five naves until 1870. In 1870-71 large sections of the aisles were removed under the direction of the architect Vilhelm Tvede and the church then assumed its present appearance.

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