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Quietly Wonderful Hamina awaits

WELCOME TO THE COAST OF GOOD WINDS! It's all about the location!


is located on the northeastern coast of the Finnish Gulf right where the rapids of River Kymijoki, the biggest river in Southern Finland, rushes to meet the sea. The wonderful nature and city parks, dazzling history of the border region, cultural events, historic sights and thousands of friendly people welcome travelers for a memorable visit. Located under 50 NM from Helsinki and 100 NM from Tallinn.

The berthing places for cruise ships are in the City Center of the Kotka island, Hamina or Mussalo port areas.

The port of the picturesque cozy cities by the sea, Kotka and Hamina, is located a stone’s throw away from all the experiences. Your guests are able to experience, within a few hours, the soul of whole Finland - from the pulsating capital to the exotic nature, from pushing one’s limits to finding a peace of mind. The getaway destination to experience a mini Finland.

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What you need to know

Hamina is operated by the Port of HaminaKotka, located 5 km from the city centre of the historical border town Hamina. Hamina is located nearby Kotka (15 min) by the E18 motorway, and close to Helsinki and Tallinn, only 20 min by car from the Russian border.

Throughout centuries, Hamina has been a meeting place between the East and West, and it has been located alternately on both sides of the national frontier. This is where the land and sea meet each other; in the winter intertwined in snow, and in the summer the waves caress the seaside sand and the rocky shores of the archipelago.

This is where the history of the unique circular centre of Hamina with its fortress meets the beautiful countryside.

This is where happy people meet each other – in the sunny streets and festivals of a summer’s day, on the trekking paths in the peace and quiet of the natural environment, and in the autumn and winter events filled with a special atmosphere. Number of inhabitants (01/2020) 20 134 Total area 1 155 km² Sea areas 522 km² Land areas and inland waters 633 km² Currency € Main languages are Finnish and English.

Important Port Matters

PORT OF HAMINAKOTKA PORT AREA IN NUMBERS: •1200 ha of land areas •1600 ha of sea areas •9 km of quays •70 berths •90 km of railways HAMINA EU1-EU4 Length: 609 m, Safe clearance depth: 11,2-13,2 m, Width: 50 m, Air draught: Unlimited ANCHORAGE Available: Inner Roads, SERVICES Fresh water: Yes, Bunkering: Yes, Waste disposal: Yes, Oily waste collection: Yes, Sewage collection: Yes, Hazardous waste collection: Yes, Intraport transport service: Yes, Ships' tenders allowed: Yes, Pilotage compulsory: Yes, Tugs: Available, Tidal movement/range: None Berthing policy: First in first out


Max LOA: 609,0 m No limit (609,0 m berthing place).Max depth: EU1: 10,0 m (swept draught 11,2 m) EU2: 11,5 m (swept draught 12,75 m) EU3-4: 12,0 m (swept draught 13,2 m)Type of berth (passenger, cargo, bulk traffic): Bulk.Fenders available (brand and type): EU1-EU4: Lateral rubber cylinder fender, vertical steel fender.Bollard strength: EU1: 750 kN EU2-EU4: 1000 kN Learn more
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Covid-19 Information

There are currently no COVID-19 restrictions in any of the 31 Cruise Baltic destinations. If the situation changes, this section will be updated with the necessary information regarding each port and destination.

Port Fees

Harbour dues (Currency/GT)

Available on request.

Passenger dues (Currency/PAX)

Available on request.

Services available for guests

Always available
Available in some cases
Download PDF with an overview of services available at all Cruise Baltic destinations.
Personal welcome

We have a welcome crew for both the passengers and the crew members.

Musical welcome and/or farewell

We have a welcoming band for the guests when they disembark.

Shops open on Sundays

Shopping centers: Kotka Pasaati, Scandinavian Shopping Center Jumalniemi Shopping Center

Shops offer flexible opening hours for cruise guests

Yes. We have a collaboration agreement.

Independent guest reception and help

We offer all cruise lines help to set up a hospitality desk on board together with our staff.

Local life and events with locals
Signed walking route from pier to city centre and/or public transport
Tourist information

We have people from the tourism office in the port area and by the shuttle stop in the city center serving our cruise guests and the crew.

Free city maps
Destination collaboration/shore excursions
Local cruise network

Yes. We have a group of local companies + the Cities of Kotka and Hamina, the Port of HaminaKotka, incoming offices and port agents.

Authorized guides

Yes. We have a well-established guide network (FI, SE, EN, DE,ES main languages).

Education of tourism partners on the cruise guest

Yes, the service providers are dedicated to our cruise development program and well educated.

Destination video available for Cruise Lines
Attractions offer flexible opening hours for cruise guests
Free shuttle available

Intra port transport from pier to the nearest city center. Limited amount of buses FOC.

Publicly regulated taxis

All taxi services are licensed. Taxis should be ordered by phone to the pier. No taxi stand on pier. Taxis are allowed alongside ship.

Bike rental including map or GPS


Turnaround facilities
Direct flights to USA

From Helsinki airport (appr. 1 hour, 25 minutes by car).

Free Wi-Fi in airport
Quarters for crew in port

Tent available as lounge service.

Destination Highlights

HAMINA IN A NUTSHELL Hamina is a seaside town located in south-eastern Finland in the region of Kymenlaakso. The town is known worldwide for its unique, historical star-shaped fortress that surrounds the town’s round city plan.

Throughout its history, Hamina has been a hub of international trade and transportation of goods: the port of HaminaKotka is in fact the second largest commercial port in Finland. The diverse industrial landscape, supported by the vivid harbour ranges from a modern datacenter to innovative cleantech, forest industry, technology industry and chemical industry. Hamina is also known for its long tradition as a proud military town: The army reserve officer school and garrison are located inside and right outside the city walls. Approximately 1500 conscripts from all over the country are trained there as reserve officers annually.

Adding to the long line of military tradition the town also hosts a military music festival, Hamina Tattoo, every two years. The festival brings military marching bands from all over the world to perform in the mighty Hamina Bastioni, the largest open air canopy in Europe.

Also, the tallest flagpole in Europe was erected in Hamina to celebrate 100 years of Finnish independence. Hamina truly is a world-class small town. If you enjoy both historical and modern settings, nature and urban lifestyle, ample opportunities for work and business, lively and diverse culture, Hamina is the place to be.

Circular town centre and fortress

The sights along the circular streets of the old town centre are all close to one another. Hamina and its history can be viewed more broadly from the ramparts of the fortress surrounding the centre.

Flag Tower

A flag tower of the fortress commander was built at the tip of the Helsinki Bastion in 1790. The bastion and the ramparts around it were demolished in 1889.

Hamina Bastion – Central Bastion

The Central Bastion built in 1803-1811 is the largest bastion in the fortress of Hamina. Its 58 casemates, i.e. masonry vaults, were originally designed as explosion-proof storage facilities.

Guard buildings of the fortress

Access to the fortified Hamina was possible through three gates provided with booms and drawbridges. There was a guard building at each gate. The medieval highway between passed through Hamina.

Reserve Officer School

The main building of the Imperial Cadet School of Finland, which used to be located in Hamina in 1821-1903. Since 1920, the main building has been used by the Reserve Officer School.


Tervasaari and Rampsinkari with their visitors’ marina, cafeterias, terraces, museum ships, beaches and picnic sites! Starting point for cruises to the National Park of Eastern Gulf of Finland.

Kymijoki River

The River Kymijoki is full of rapids where rapid-shooters, canoeists and fishermen will have unforgettable experiences. River rafting and more easy-going river cruising is a must experience!

St Mary’s Church and Church Museum

The medieval stone church dedicated to St Mary is the oldest building in South-Eastern Finland.

St John’s Church

The Neoclassical church of the Lutheran parish follows the design of Greek temples. The church was built in 1843.

Orthodox Church of St Peter and St Paul

A rare Neoclassical round temple from 1837 with Byzantine influences, designed by the Italian-French architect Louis Visconti.

Exciting extras

CATCH OF THE DAY Experience fishing at the rapids of Siikakoski. The Kymijoki River is famous for being the best salmon river in Southern Finland. Or go out on the Finnish Gulf and experience the excitement out in the archipelago. COUNTRY EXPERIENCE ON HORSEBACK Enjoy your stay in the beautiful countryside scenery on a Finnhorse at Harju Manor and experience the beauty and silence of the nature. TAKE A HIKE ON THE SUOMEN SALPA DEFENSE LINE The Salpa Trail offers an excellent natural setting for outdoor exercise and refreshment. Suomen Salpa is a bunker line on the eastern border of Finland. It was built during the Interim Peace between the Winter War and the Continuation War to defend Finland as a 1200 km bar against a possible Soviet invasion. SWIMMING IN WHITE WATER RAPIDS An unique experience to try is swimming in white water rapids. A memorable experience in the Kymijoki River in a beautiful landscape. There is more on the menu, pls. contact for additional information!

What’s on right now in Hamina?

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Excursions – on and off the beaten path

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