Where the Sea sets the Pace

Rostock, on the banks of river Warnow, is bursting with architectural testimony of its grand Hanseatic history: Once an important member of the Hanseatic League, the port and university city is still the hub of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The colourful cultural life, the traditional pubs and several miles of shopping precincts, sporting and concert events, and the extensive zoo, provide entertainment and diversity all year round. Rostock’s »prettiest daughter«, is the seaside resort of Warnemünde. Once a poor fishing village, the exquisite sand and wide beach attracted many visitors, and the area changed into an elegant seaside resort and health spa in the 19th century – and still is.

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Quick facts
Language German
Distance from pier to city center Warnemünde: within walking distance, approx 1 km from Warnemünde Cruise Center. Downtown Rostock: by shuttlebus or public transportation: 20 minutes
Transportation to/from airport Shuttle services to / from Rostock.
Currency Euro
Transport to/from city center Warnemünde: within walking distance, approx 1 km from Warnemünde CruiseCenter. Downtown Rostock: by shuttlebus or public transportation: 20 minutes
City Card Rostock Card
Downloadable map Rostock Map
Berthing policy: First come, first served. Information available here
P 1 - 4 View port map
Max LOA: 240 m
Max depth: 7,3 m (21'06")
Type of berth (passenger, cargo, bulk traffic): Passenger
Fenders available (brand and type): Cone fender
Bollard strength: 10 tons and 60 tons alternately
Info on tides: No tides
Info on currents: No current
Restrictions: Ships with more than 150m length need special berthing permission
Restrictions cont.: Not a berth for turnarounds
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Harbour dues (Currency/GT): 0.14 €/GT
Passenger dues (Currency/PAX): 3.50 €/PAX
All prices are subject to change. Cruise Baltic cannot be held liable for any port fees stated on the website. Please contact port for additional information.
Enter the Master Sheet to get an overview of all port and pier details. This will give easy access to port information and description of pier facilities and services. Download the document and unpack all files to get full access to all functions.
Always available
Available in some cases
Guest Experience Standards
The Cruise Baltic Guest Experience Standards indicate service touchpoints available for cruise guests at each of our destinations. An overview of the services available in the Baltic Sea region is also available in pdf. The Cruise Baltic destinations are committed to give guests the World’s greatest cruise experience.
Musical welcome
We make a musical farewell when the passengers re-embark in the evening and when the cruise ship departs.
Cruise guest national flags
Independent guest reception and help
Local life and events with locals
Mailbox available
Mailbox is available at the train station in vicinity to the port area (400m).
Signed route from pier to city centre and/or public transport
Tourist information (office or maps) in port area
Tourist information is located next to the terminal facility (“Pier 7”), and also in the city centre of Warnemunde.
Money exchange in port area
Money exchange possible at the trainstation (Reisebank AG) in vicinity to the port area (500m).
Free Wi-Fi in port
City centre within 1 km from pier
Warnemunde 800m.
Publicly regulated taxis
Hop on/hop off services in port area
Shopping & Attractions
Shops open on Sundays
Shops offer flexible opening hours for cruise guests
The shop and restaurant “Pier 7” next to the terminal facilities regularly closes at 7 p.m., but stays opened until 20 p.m. when a cruise ship is docked longer than 7 p.m.
Museums offer flexible opening hours for cruise guests
Destination has special offers for crew
For example: the “mabuhay store” at the trainstation (400m) is an internet café with free wi-fi, food and goods especially for cruise-ship crew members.
City Cards for sale
Destination collaboration
Education of tourism partners on the cruise guest
Possiblity for special arrangements and flexibility
Destination video available for Cruise Lines
Turnaround facilities
Cruise-ready hotels
Airport less than one hour drive from port
Airport less than one hour drive from city centre
Free Wi-Fi in airport
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Selected attractions
St. Mary’s Church : Brick Gothic church, 700 years old. Astronomical clock from 1472, original clockworks.
Museum of Cultural History : Museum in the former Abbey of the Holy Cross, 13th century.
Rostock Zoo : Over 1700 animals, 250 different species, 56 hectares wide. Opened 1899.
Universitätsplatz (University Square) : Oldest alma mater in the Baltic Sea area. Founded in 1419
Warnemünde : Old fishermen houses as shops, cafés, restaurants. The lighthouse and promenade are a must.
Exciting Extras
Karl’s Erdbeerhof (Karls’ Strawberry Cottage) : A spectacular farmers’ market, playground, farm animals and souvenir shop.
Alter Fritz: Micro brewery with traditional German food, right at the old city docks.
Darwineum (inside Zoo): A journey through evolution. Tropical house, free living gorillas and orangutans.
Ständehaus: Assembly House of the Estates. Best example of neo gothic style. Impressive front.
Beach : Warnemündes fabulous beach, a breath of the Caribbean in the Baltic.
Varied Shore Excursions
Berlin : Many people find that Berlin is the capital of the new Europe, combining East and West in the heart of the continent.
Wismar : Thanks to the preserved old houses, the Hanseatic town Wismar belongs to the nicest and most impressive cities in close vicinity.
Schwerin: The smallest capital of a federal state in Germany. Seat of Mecklenburg’s dukes for centuries. Visit the stunning Schwerin’s Castle.
Bad Doberan & Heiligendamm: 700 year old copper topped minster of a medieval Cistercian monastery. Also try historic steam train “Molli”.
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28th Hanse Sail Rostock
From 09-08-2018 to 12-08-2018
Folklore, Sports, Arts & Handcrafts, Food, Music
Hanse Sail Rostock is the name of this fantastic rendezvous of majestic ships. For four days in August, Warnemünde and the city harbour of Rostock will host impressive windjammers, traditional ships and museum ships. Programme highlights are the regattas of the traditional ships, firework displays, music and colourful markets
25. Season finale in Warnemünde with “The River Festival”
From 06-09-2018 to 09-09-2018
Folklore, Arts & Handcrafts, Food, Music
The “River Festival” is a cheerful farewell bid to Warnemünde‘s summer season. Visitors to Warnemünde can experience the bustling market life at the Alter Strom, the evening boat parade and fireworks.
Rostock Cruise Festival
From 14-09-2018 to 16-09-2018
Folklore, Food, Music
Warnemünde will be a hot spot for cruise fans from 14 to 16 September. Impressive soundscapes and theme worlds promise an unforgettable cruise experience. Throughout the weekend, musical highlights await guests at a large show stage on Warnemünde beach.
Christian Hardt
Chief Corporate Communication and Cruise Shipping
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Lena Boekhoff
Corporate Communications and Cruise Shipping
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Tourismuszentrale Rostock & Warnemünde
Ulf Riedel
Head of Central Management
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Mobile: +49 (0) 171 559 4491
Am Strom 59
D - 18119 Rostock-Warnemünde
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