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Arendal is uniquely located on the water - literally. The city is built on 7 small islands and known as Venice of the north. Arendal’s climate and variety of experiences makes it one of the most popular places to go during the summer. Arendal is also known for hosting a vast number of festivals, events and activities through the entire year. Shipping, forestry and mining made Arendal one of the wealthiest towns in Northern Europe during the 17th and 18th century. Visit the golden days: Walk through the old part of town “Tyholmen”; beautiful old wooden houses include Arendal Old Town Hall, one of the largest wooden houses in Northern Europe.

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Quick facts
Language Norwegian
Distance from pier to city center Cruise quay- city centre: Batterikaien & Hotellkaien walking diestance
Transportation to/from airport 70 kilometres - 45 minutes
Currency Norwegian Krona (NOK)
Transport to/from city center Walking distance
City Card Not available
Downloadable map Not available
Berthing policy: First come, first served.
Batterikaien View port map
Max LOA: 280 meters
Max depth: 10 meters
Type of berth (passenger, cargo, bulk traffic): Passenger
Fenders available (brand and type): AD Arch Fenders
Bollard strenght: Up to 100 tonnes
Info on tides: +/- 0,40 meters
Info on wind: No significant wind problems
Info on currents: No significant currents
Restrictions: Ships with LOA 260 meters
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Harbour dues (Currency/GT): NOK1,05 per GT, maximum NOK10.735,- per call
Passenger dues (Currency/PAX): NOK NIL
All prices are subject to change. Cruise Baltic cannot be held liable for any port fees stated on the website. Please contact port for additional information.
Enter the Master Sheet to get an overview of all port and pier details. This will give easy access to port information and description of pier facilities and services. Download the document and unpack all files to get full access to all functions.
Always available
Available in some cases
Guest Experience Standards
The Cruise Baltic Guest Experience Standards indicate service touchpoints available for cruise guests at each of our destinations. An overview of the services available in the Baltic Sea region is also available in pdf. The Cruise Baltic destinations are committed to give guests the World’s greatest cruise experience.
Independent guest reception and help
Signed route from pier to city centre and/or public transport
Tourist information (office or maps) in port area
Free Wi-Fi in port
Free shuttle available
Not needed, piers are situated within the city centre
City centre within 1 km from pier
Town center 50 meters away from quay
Publicly regulated taxis
Bike rental including map or GPS
Shopping & Attractions
Shops open on Sundays
There might be some that open because of a cruise visit.
Shops offer flexible opening hours for cruise guests
Museums offer flexible opening hours for cruise guests
Shops accept credit card payment with no lower limit
Destination has special offers for crew
Destination collaboration
Local cruise network
Cruise Sørlandet, Guide Sør
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Authorized guides
Via Cruise Sørlandet and Guide Sør
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Education of tourism partners on the cruise guest
Possiblity for special arrangements and flexibility
You name it and you will usually get it
Destination video available for Cruise Lines
Both for guests and a more specialized focused on technical solutions of piers and entrance
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Turnaround facilities
Cruise-ready hotels
Airport less than one hour drive from port
Airport less than one hour drive from city centre
Free Wi-Fi in airport
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Selected attractions
A Walk in the Old Parts of Arendal: Old Town centre, including Arendal City Hall, Norway’s highest and second largest wooden building.
The Archipelago of Arendal by Sea: Explore the islands just outside the town of Arendal by boat.
Visit Grimstad – City of Poets: The home of two of Norway’s greatest poets, Henrik Ibsen and Knut Hamsun.
Exciting Extras
Explore Nature by Train and Bike : 4 hour beautiful bike ride on gravel roads, through the typical Norwegian woods alongside the river Nidely.
Kayaking – the Best Way to Explore Nature: Kayak your way among hundreds of islands and skerries, under the breathtaking beauty of the nordic light of the Archipelago of Arendal.
Varied Shore Excursions
Visit Næs Ironworks Museum : The buildings, machinery and equipment are dated back to the 17th century. It was Norway’s second largest iron works, closed down in 1959 – today it is a site of technical and cultural heritage.
A Walk Down History Lane in Arendal: Get to know Arendal “Venice of the North” and its outstanding history, including Arendal City Hall, Norway’s highest and second largest wooden building.
Explore The Archipelago of Arendal by Sea: Boating to visit islands in the archipelago. Islands “Hisøy” and “Tromøy” and a few of the islands will only come to life during a few summer months.
Visit Grimstad “City of Poets”: The home to two of Norway’s greatest poets, Henrik Ibsen and Knut Hamsun.
Port of Arendal
Gordon Fuglestad
Assisting Harbour Master/Cruise Manager
Phone +47 975 27 000
Mobile +47 46 62 80 08
Havnekontoret 4810 Eydehavn Norway

Port of Arendal
Rune Hvass
Harbour Master
Phone +47 4662 8008
Mobile +47 900 68 450
Havnekontoret 4810 Eydehavn Norway

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