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The city centre of Karlskrona is uniquely situated in the middle of an archipelago, 6 km from the mainland. This gives a unique, spacious sense to the city - and breathtaking views. Karlskrona is an exciting encounter with Sweden’s naval history. In 1680, King Carl XI ordered the construction of the city as Sweden’s naval base, due to its location. The naval presence has ensured distinctive architectural qualities, and UNESCO has named Karlskrona a World Heritage City. Despite its militant past, Karlskrona is a peaceful town, with an open and friendly atmosphere. Gunpowder towers and fortifications make a splendid backdrop, mixing with yellow ferries, white sails and even submarines visible in the waters around the city.

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Quick facts
Language Swedish
Distance from pier to city center City commercial port: 700 m
Ferry terminal Verkö, quay 12 km
Karlskrona City Port is located in central Karlskrona with shopping, dining and all the attractions at easy walking distance.
300m from pier or tender landing
Transportation to/from airport 30 km - approx 25 min by taxi
Currency Swedish krona SEK
Transport to/from city center From pier: 3-5 minutes’ walk From Ferry terminal: 15 minutes by bus from downtown
City Card Not available
Downloadable map Not available
Berthing policy: Information available here
Karlskrona City and Commercial Port View port map
Max LOA: 140 m
Max depth: 7,5 m
Type of berth (passenger, cargo, bulk traffic): Passenger and traffic
Fenders available (type): Tipping Tire
Restrictions: 130 m loa and depth 7,3 m
Distance to the city center (in Kilometers): 700 m
Are shuttle buses required?: No
Distance to the airport (in Kilometers): 30 km
What type of access to the pier (floating pontoon or stairs): Stairs
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Harbour dues (Currency/GT): Karlskrona City Port  SEK 2,80 / GT  At anchor SEK  1,45 / GT ISPS   (for both port/anchor) SEK 1,85 / GT
Passenger dues (Currency/PAX): SEK 13,40 / GT
All prices are subject to change. Cruise Baltic cannot be held liable for any port fees stated on the website. Please contact port for additional information.
Enter the Master Sheet to get an overview of all port and pier details. This will give easy access to port information and description of pier facilities and services. Download the document and unpack all files to get full access to all functions.
Always available
Available in some cases
Guest Experience Standards
The Cruise Baltic Guest Experience Standards indicate service touchpoints available for cruise guests at each of our destinations. An overview of the services available in the Baltic Sea region is also available in pdf. The Cruise Baltic destinations are committed to give guests the World’s greatest cruise experience.
Personal welcome
Dressed in 18th century clothes, guards/soldiers and civilians greet our guests on the pier. A salute is fired from a canon if approved by ship.
Musical welcome
Free local food samples
Cruise guest national flags
Independent guest reception and help
We offer all cruise lines set up a hospitality desk on board with our personnel. Staff on pier provides information and brochures/maps
Signed route from pier to city centre and/or public transport
Tourist information (office or maps) in port area
Tourist information on pier
Free Wi-Fi in port
Free Wi-Fi with login in the city centre.
Free shuttle available
Mini-train serves as shuttle service to/from the city centre
City centre within 1 km from pier
City center 300 meters away from quay
Publicly regulated taxis
Hop on/hop off services in port area
Allowed, but not yet present as a service
Shopping & Attractions
Shops open on Sundays
Some shops are open Sundays
Shops accept credit card payment with no lower limit
Free city maps
Yes, a wide range of maps
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Destination collaboration
Authorized guides
All guides are authorized World Heritage City guides
Education of tourism partners on the cruise guest
We have an ongoing education of local businesses and partners
Possiblity for special arrangements and flexibility
One cruise call at the time allows for a high level of flexibility
Destination video available for Cruise Lines
Several destination videos are available for unrestricted use
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Turnaround facilities
Scandic Hotel(s) in city
Yes, right in the city centre, in the middle of the archipelago
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Direct flights to USA
Copenhagen Airport is the closest to us
Airport less than one hour drive from port
Copenhagen Airport is located 2,5 hours from the destination
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Selected attractions
Naval Museum (National) : A look inside the Swedish naval history with a real time submarine, underwater observation tunnel, and a full scale gun-deck of 18th century ship.
The Admirality Church and Rosenbom: An impressive wooden church dated back to 1685. Outside the church stands the statue of the local legend "Old Man Rosenbom"
Blekinge Museum and Grevagården : Local history. Exhibitions about the history of the county, Blekinge coastal culture, and 18th century Blekinge. Just next to the museum you find the world heritage building Grevagården where you can enjoy coffee in the baroque garden.
Exciting Extras
Karlskrona – by Sea : A classic 1-hour sightseeing boat tour of the World Heritage City.
Icecream and a great View: Relish on local ice cream, as you enjoy the view out over the archipelago from a double-decker bus.
Nostalgia Car Museum/ Porcelain Museum: Two small, family-owned museums under one roof. Visit local history and sweet nostalgia.Visit a somewhat odd blend that hits the spot.
The Holy Trinity Church : Stunning church ceiling, dating back to the 18th century.
Varied Shore Excursions
Kungsholm Fortress: This fortress has guarded the entrance to Karlskrona for more than 300 years. A spectacular tour out in the archipelago, where you get to experience the fort's exotic garden and stunning circular harbour. This is a great opportunity to see Karlskrona from its best side, seaside!
Old Naval Shipyard : This is located inside the actual naval base. Unique naval history, 300 meter long wooden Ropery from 1690, real ropemakers show you their skills.
Karlskrona City Tour : The Great Square, picturesque Stumholmen, Björkholmen and Brändaholm, the Old Naval Shipyard, a view of Karlskrona and the archipelago from its highest point, Bryggareberget.
Historical Kristianopel: Venture into the spectacularly scenic countryside in southeastern Sweden and explore the country’s first renaissance town Kristianopel. Kristianopel, which was previously a danish town, was founded almost a century before Karlskrona. In its earliest years the town served as a remote frontier fortress for the Danes. The frontier were frequently under attack by the Swedes in a long power struggle between the countries.
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The Municipalty of Karlskrona
Terje Pedersen
Head of Tourism
Phone +46 455 304805
Mobile +46 (0)733 615708
Stortorget 2
371 43 Karlskona, Sweden
The Municipalty of Karlskrona
Liliann Bjerström
Phone +46 455 304832
Mobile +46 (0)709 30 48 32
Bredgatan 18
371 83 Karlskona, Sweden
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