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Stockholm is widely celebrated as one of the world’s most beautiful cities, built where lake meets sea, on fourteen islands, with ten centuries of history and culture. The Swedish Royal Capital is widely known for its remarkable modernity, progressiveness and trend sensitivity in everything from lifestyle to fashion, design, food, drink and new technology. The magnificent scenery, ancient history, fresh air, clean waters, plenty of space for everyone, vast green areas and a truly innovative spirit are vital parts of Stockholm’s exceptional character and charm: Nature, urban sophistication and cultural history, all in a single day - and plenty to explore if the stay is extended. Banner Photo Credits: Ola Ericson/

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Quick facts
Language Swedish
Distance from pier to city center Nybroviken 5: 0,5 km
Nynäshamn Bouy: 90 km
Skeppsbron 106: 0 km
Stadsgården 160: 1 km
Stadsgården 167: 2,2 km
Värtahamnen 523: 3,5 km
Transportation to/from airport 42 km to Arlanda International Airport (20 minutes by train from downtown Stockholm).
Currency Swedish Krona SEK
Transport to/from city center 10-30 minutes walk
Berthing policy: First come, first served.
Nybroviken 5 View port map
Max LOA: 100 m
Max depth: 4,8 m
Type of berth (passenger, cargo, bulk traffic): Passenger
Fenders available ( brand and type): Cord Kapp
Bollard strength: 50 tons
Restrictions: None
Distance to the city center (in Kilometers): 0,5
Are shuttle buses required?: No
Distance to the airport (in Kilometers): 35
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Harbour dues (Currency/GT): See link
Passenger dues (Currency/PAX): See link
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Guest Experience Standards
The Cruise Baltic Guest Experience Standards indicate service touchpoints available for cruise guests at each of our destinations. An overview of the services available in the Baltic Sea region is also available in pdf. The Cruise Baltic destinations are committed to give guests the World’s greatest cruise experience.
Independent guest reception and help
Local life and events with locals
Signed route from pier to city centre and/or public transport
Tourist information (office or maps) in port area
Money exchange in port area
Free Wi-Fi in port
City centre within 1 km from pier
Publicly regulated taxis
Bike rental including map or GPS
Hop on/hop off services in port area
Shopping & Attractions
Shops open on Sundays
Shops offer flexible opening hours for cruise guests
Museums offer flexible opening hours for cruise guests
Shops accept credit card payment with no lower limit
Destination has special offers for crew
City Cards for sale
Destination collaboration
Local cruise network
Education of tourism partners on the cruise guest
Possiblity for special arrangements and flexibility
Destination video available for Cruise Lines
Turnaround facilities
Scandic Hotel(s) in city
Cruise-ready hotels
Direct flights to USA
Airport less than one hour drive from port
Airport less than one hour drive from city centre
Free Wi-Fi in airport
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Selected attractions
The Vasa Museum : The Vasa is the world’s only preserved 17th century warship. The Vasa sank on its maiden voyage 1628. Salvaged 333 years later.
City Hall : Home to the Nobel Prize dinner, and to the Golden Hall: More than 18 million glass and gold mosaic tiles.
The Royal Palace: Official residence to the King of Sweden, and one of Europe’s largest palaces, more than 600 rooms.
Old Town – Gamla Stan: The idyllic, medieval heart of the city, Gamla Stan, was founded in 1252.
Skansen – on Djurgården: Oldest open-air museum in the world. Visit a miniature Sweden, a zoo, enjoy a great view of Stockholm.
ABBA The Museum: Be the 5th member of ABBA! The Music, clothes, films, musicals and more. Walk in and dance out!
Exciting Extras
Fotografiska, The Swedish Museum of Photography: One of the world’s largest museums of photography, right by the sea.
Millesgården: Home of artists Carl and Olga Milles, built on terraces. Sculptures outside, castings in the large studio.
Spritmuseum: Peruse Sweden’s history with alcohol, in the Museum of Spirits. 18th century naval buildings on the island of Djurgården.
Stockholm Subway – 110 km of art : Unique subway system, adorned by sculptures, mosaics, paintings by more than 150 artists.
Vikingaliv – A true adventure: From 2017 you will be able to take your family on an unforgettable journey, in time and space. Visit the island of Djurgården in central Stockholm and travel back in time to an era full of adventure – the Viking Age.
Stockholm Archipelago: Just a few minutes away from the city of Stockholm the archipelago, with nearly 30.000 island, begins. Rugged nature blends with wooded islands, rocky cliffs and sandy beaches. Explore uninhabited islets as well as islands with new communities and ancient villages, where large houses and small cottages stand side by side.
Varied Shore Excursions
Panoramic Stockholm & The Vasa Museum: Main sights, warship Vasa, Old Town, Royal Palace, City Hall, the City Centre and the magnificent view of Stockholm from Fjällgatan.
Stockholm Highlights: One of the best tours. Including the city’s main attractions the Vasa Museum, the City Hall and The Old Town, where a short walk is included.
Royal Palace and the Old Town: Always a popular tour including a guided walk in the Old Town and a visit to the Royal Palace.
The Vikings & the Gold Room: A panoramic tour of the city, a visit to the Viking Exhibition and the magnificent Gold Room at the National Museum of Antiquities.
Old Town & Millesgården: Stunning sculpture park, by Carl Milles, in combination with the Oldest and cosiest part of the city, the Old Town.
Roof top hiking: Breathtaking views and exhilaration! Buckle up in your safety harness and enjoy a guided walk along the narrow rooftop path of Riddarholmen.
Stockholm Pride / Europride
From 27-07-2018 to 05-08-2018
Other, Food, Music
Visit Stockholm
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