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Quietly Wonderful Ystad awaits

Where Medieval Charm Meets Modern Marvels

The town of Ystad on the south coast of Sweden dates back to the 12th century. With its unique medieval and modern atmosphere where many of the historic buildings contain boutiques, restaurants, and other wonderful surprises for the visitors. Explore our historical sites, enjoy the beauty of the coastline, and immerse yourself in the vibrant culture. Whether you're here for the first time or returning, Ystad is ready to welcome you with open arms.

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What you need to know

Ystad are greeting cruise ships to 4 different berths.

Three of them for smaller ships and yachts under 90 meters, located next to city center.

One larger pier for ships up to LOA 250 meters, with a depth of 8,4 meter, within walking distance from the city center and the beach.

Ystad is situated 80 km from Copenhagen Airport and 38 km from Malmo Airport.

Important Port Matters

About Port of Ystad

As one of the largest ferry ports in Sweden, Port of Ystad is a natural gateway to Bornholm, as well as Poland and beyond into Central Europe. With its strategic location on the southern Swedish coast, Port of Ystad also plays a significant role in the transportation industry and serves as a supplier to the Swedish business sector.

South Quay, berth 7

Max LOA: 250 meterMax depth: 8,4 meterType of berth (passenger, cargo, bulk traffic): PassangerFenders available (brand and type): Fixed Cibata fendersBollard strength: 75, 100 and 200 tons Learn more
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West Quay

Max LOA: 90 meterMax depth: 6,7 meterType of berth (passenger, cargo, bulk traffic): PassengerFenders available (brand and type): Yokohama fenderBollard strength: 50 tons Learn more
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North Quay

Max LOA: 90 meterMax depth: 6,7 meterType of berth (passenger, cargo, bulk traffic): passangerFenders available (brand and type): Fender barsBollard strength: 50 tons Learn more
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Packhus Quay

Max LOA: 90 meterMax depth: 6,7 meterType of berth (passenger, cargo, bulk traffic): passengerFenders available (brand and type): Fender barsBollard strength: 50 tons Learn more
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Covid-19 Information

There are currently no COVID-19 restrictions in any of the 31 Cruise Baltic destinations. If the situation changes, this section will be updated with the necessary information regarding each port and destination.

Port Fees

Harbour dues (Currency/GT)

4,9 SEK

Passenger dues (Currency/PAX)

20 SEK

Services available for guests

Always available
Available in some cases
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Personal welcome

Tourist information personnel and mobile tourist info booth.

Musical welcome and/or farewell
Cruise guest national flags
Independent guest reception and help

We offer all cruise lines to set up a hospitality desk on board with our personnel. Always tourist info booth on pier.

Mailbox available

Tourist personnel collect and deliver to the mailbox.

Signed walking route from pier to city centre and/or public transport
Tourist information

Tourist information personnel and mobile tourist info booth.

Destination collaboration/shore excursions
Authorized guides
Education of tourism partners on the cruise guest
Publicly regulated taxis
Bike rental including map or GPS

Destination Highlights

Ystad is a charming town located on the south coast of Sweden, known for its rich history, picturesque architecture, and cultural significance. Dating back to the 12th century, Ystad boasts a unique blend of medieval charm and modern amenities. The town features well-preserved timber-framed houses, historic churches like S:ta Maria, and the iconic Grey Friars Monastery, which now serves as Ystad's city historical museum.

The town is renowned as the setting for the popular detective novels featuring Inspector Kurt Wallander, written by Henning Mankell. Visitors can explore the narrow cobblestone streets that Wallander traversed in pursuit of criminals, adding a literary dimension to their experience.

Ystad offers delightful experiences such as strolling through the Timber-framed Town, where remnants of approximately 300 timber-framed houses can still be found. Per Helsas Gård, a well-preserved timber-framed complex from the 1600s, now hosts a variety of creative businesses.

The town also serves as a gateway to the scenic Österlen region, known for its sandy beaches, megalithic monuments like Ales Stenar, and vibrant local culture. Ystad Sandskog, a nearby nature reserve, provides a serene escape with a beach promenade stretching along the coastline.

With its inviting atmosphere, historical landmarks, and cultural attractions, Ystad welcomes both history enthusiasts and those seeking a tranquil coastal retreat.

The Church of Sait Mary

The church was built in the 1200s and is the city's oldest preserved building, as well as one of Skåne's oldest brick churches. The church is richly decorated inside. In the tower of St. Maria Church, you will find the tower guard who has watched over Ystad; a tradition since 1748, blowing his copper bugle every evening, announcing that all is calm. From the tower, he could see and warn of fires on the city's streets.

The Monastery in Ystad

The Grey Friars Monastery was founded by Franciscan brothers in 1267 and is one of Sweden's oldest preserved monastery buildings. In connection with the Reformation, the monks were expelled in 1537, and since then, the building has served as both a hospital and a distillery. Today, the monastery is Ystad's city historical museum. The monastery's shop offers a unique range of crafts from the Nordic countries, everyday goods, and historical glass. Here, you can see exhibitions on various themes while being on historical ground. In the middle of Ystad, just west of the monastery, there is a garden oasis open 24 hours a day, all days of the year – the Monastery Gardens. The most famous is the Rosary, which is at its most beautiful in July.

A Stroll in the Timber-framed Idyll

It is not without reason that Ystad is referred to as the Timber-framed Town. In its time, there were about 300 timber-framed houses here, now perhaps only about eighty; some hidden in the courtyards. Examples of such timber-framed houses include the Mayor's House near the monastery, the Angel House, Jens Jacobsen's house, and many more.

Per Helsa's Farm

It occupies an entire block and is considered the most extensive and best-preserved timber-framed settlement in Sweden and the oldest in its kind in the Nordic region. The oldest parts date back to the 1600s and were one of the largest trading farms in the town. Today, several creative entrepreneurs have their businesses on the farm, centrally located on the city's pedestrian street: antique dealers, fashion designers, Grändens Mat restaurant, artists, potters, and more.

Wallander's Ystad

Millions of readers worldwide have followed Detective Kurt Wallander as he chases murderers through the narrow cobblestone streets of Ystad. In the picturesque little town of Ystad, you can go on a Wallander tour and experience the environments from Henning Mankell's Wallander novels and films about cold-blooded murder mysteries. At Ystad Studios Visitor Center, Wallander is in focus, with endless walls.

Kåseberga & Ales Stenar

Sweden's largest and best-preserved ship setting is magnificently located above the village of Kåseberga on the south coast of Österlen. Ales Stenar is one of Skåne's most popular attractions—a scenic and exciting place that attracts visitors year-round. The surrounding nature on Hammarsbackar and Kåsebergaåsen is also well worth a visit. In Kåseberga, a historic fishing village below the stones, you can enjoy the atmosphere, eat, drink, and shop. Artists, craftsmen, souvenir shops stand side by side with restaurants and the smokehouse.

Dag Hammarskjöld Backåkra museum

Backåkra, located between Sandhammaren and Löderups strandbad, is the square farm that was to become the home of the global citizen Dag Hammarskjöld, the second Secretary-General of the United Nations. Today, Backåkra is a museum that tells about his life and work, with art collections and gifts from his time as Secretary-General. Here, a versatile operation is offered, including a museum, conference, café, and a small bookstore.

Ystad Sandskog

The Ystad Sandskog nature reserve is located immediately east of Ystad. The narrow reserve with the beach promenade stretches 5 km along Ystad's beach. You can advantageously choose to walk along the water in one direction and through the forest on the way back. The sandy beach is well-visited for swimming and sunbathing during the summer months and as a walking area throughout the year. Take the opportunity to have a coffee at the benches and tables near the path.

Glimmingehus Fort

Glimmingehus is the best-preserved medieval castle in the Nordic region, built for the Danish knight Jens Holgersen Ulfstand to protect its inhabitants in battle. Since 1924, the castle has been owned by the National Heritage Board and today is a living place with a museum, an authentic medieval kitchen, and a shop.

Exciting extras

Köpingsbergs Wineyard

The vineyard, located on a hill with a fantastic view of the sea at Hammars backar, stretches over 3 hectares. Here, a variety of grape varieties are cultivated, from Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc to more unique varieties like Solaris. The farm specializes in the production of sparkling wine according to the 'méthode traditionelle'. Offers tastings and tours, as well as a shop where you can experience and buy their unique wines.

Österlenkryddor / Herbs of Österlen

Started in 1990 as a spice cultivation project in Österlen. Today, 30 years later, it is owned and operated by Cherstin and Anders Peråkre. Österlenkryddor is an organic-certified company that cultivates spices outdoors. The farm shop offers organic spice blends, as well as products such as tea, essential oil, and vinegar processed on-site. During the summer, Kaptenskans Glasshus also opens, offering award-winning ice cream with exciting flavor combinations.

Karl Fredrik at Eklaholm

The farm, with roots dating back to the 1600s, is located along the coast in beautiful Österlen. Carl Fredrik på Eklaholm opens its doors to a world of flowers, plants, interior design, color, and form. Here, a handpicked assortment is offered that stimulates the senses and captures the feeling of Österlen.

Olof Viktors bakery

Olof Viktors is not just an acclaimed bakery and café; it is a four-sided farm in the Skåne soil where craftsmanship tradition and creative joy flow. Each visit becomes a 'taste journey that is always worth a detour.' Explore our world of bread, crispbread, charming pastries, jams, juices, rusks, and sourdough starters. Welcome to a place where taste and tradition meet!

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