About us

Who are we?

Cruise Baltic is an engaged facilitator and B2B network consisting of 32 partner ports and destinations in the Baltic Sea region. Our aim is to promote our partners and spark curiosity about the Baltic cruise product in cruise lines and travel agents as well as all those who want to learn more about the great potential of the region.

With 20 years of experience, Cruise Baltic offers all cruise lines easy access, great service, high standards and full integration between ports and cities throughout the region. 

But what is our secret? What is it that the Northern European countries get right every time? It doesn’t make sense. It’s cold. The weather is bad. Some of the food is strange. But despite the rain, rugged terrain and long winter nights, we managed to create something quietly wonderful.

Together with our partners, we work every day towards offering all cruise guests an unforgettable experience in the Baltic and get them to discover why each of our destinations holds a piece of the bigger secret that makes us who we are.

Vision | The obvious choice for responsible cruising
Mission | Connect and inspire partners and collaborators to elevate the cruise experience
Values | Bold – Responsible – Collaborative – Transparent

If you need any assistance or would like us to connect you with ports and destinations in the Baltic Sea, don't hesitate to reach out.

The strategy: Responsible Cruising 

With the strategy for 2023-2026, the aim is to be able to adjust to unforeseen circumstances in our micro and macro environment while staying true to our core.

Cruise Baltic want to enhance collaboration internally in the network and externally with stakeholders as we see an increased need to support the conversation in and about the cruise industry.

Sustainability is essential and is at the core of everything we do when targeting Cruise Lines, Small Ship Cruise Lines, and Travel Agents. 

The narrative: Uncover the secrets of Northern Europe

We have created a narrative to illustrate exactly what it is this quietly wonderful region can offer to a cruise itinerary and to tell the stories about our very diverse and sustainable destinations.

Allow your mind to wander as you read the narrative and please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have furhter questions about the Baltic cruise product. We are here to assist whether you are a cruise line, travel agent or press representative. 

Why cruising in the Baltic Sea?

A truly diverse cruise experience | One cruise - 9 countries devoted to exceeding expectations. Colourful capitals and hidden gem cities. Great shopping and world-class dining. Historic architecture and contemporary design. The world’s oldest monarchies and some of the youngest democracies. Castles and craftsmanship. Festivals and fairy tales. 

Options for all guests | Whether active or more leisurely, the Baltic Region can deliver pleasant experiences to all guests.

Spectacular nature | Some of nature’s most spectacular phenomena, such as the Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun - and not forgetting the beautiful archipelagos.

Varied shore excursions | A wide variety of excursions and attractions all year round, from astonishing nature to numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites and much more. Read more about our 31 UNESCO Sites here.

Professionalism | In Northern Europe, our professionals are committed to the cruise industry, delivering quality, innovation and efficiency like no other cruise region in the world. 

Guest satisfaction | A safe region with English-speaking assistance and high cruise guest satisfaction rates.  

The best of both worlds | The Baltic Region offers historic capitals and yet the most modern infrastructure. 

Scandinavian Airlines

Aviation is a vital part of the Scandinavian infrastructure. Scandinavian Airlines, our preferrred airline, maintain the highest frequency of departures to and from the region.