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Pier Details

Date completed 23.04.21
Completed by (name and position) Cruise manager Anne Sofie Rønne Jensen
Name of the port and city Skagen
Name and number of the pier Pier 41
Pier information
Max LOA 300 m
Max depth 13m-9,5 m
Type of berth (passenger, cargo, bulk traffic) Mixed use facility
Fenders available (brand and type) Cone fenders with fender shields 2.3 x 2.7 m
Bollard strength 100 t plus 3 storm bollards of each 150 t
Info on tides 0.5 m
Info on wind Up to 15 m/sec.
Info on currents 1 knot
Restrictions None
Restrictions cont. None
Distance to the city center (in Kilometers) 2 km
Are shuttle buses required? Yes. The Port of Skagen offers one complimentary shuttle bus per cruise ships call
Distance to the airport (in Kilometers) 100 km
Clean pier before arrival + maintenance during the day Yes
Good functional fenders Yes - Cone fenders with fender shields 2.3 x 2.7 m
ISPS certified - compulsory Yes. DKSKA-0026
Cleared and well signaled entrance / exit to/ from the pier Yes
Pilotage service available Yes
Proper tender facilities if available and needed by cruise lines N/A
Bunkers available Yes
Tug available, bollard pull (14 t) Yes. Bollard pull 7.5 BP, 18 BP, 28 BP.
Fresh water available - supply rate (30 m3/hour) Yes
Solid waste disposal Yes
Toxic waste disposal Yes
Bilge and Sludge disposal facilities Yes
Black and grey water disposal facilities Yes
Necessary space, facilities and labor to handling ship’s stores and provision Yes
Restrooms available Yes
Facilities for handicaps: ramps, toilettes Yes
Tourism information available at the port Yes
Cruise terminal or tent facilities w/ checkin, luggage and waiting areas) Tent
X-ray available N/A
Porters and stevedors available N/A
First aid equipment available Yes
Shore gangways available on request N/A
Airline check-in at the port (desirable) N/A
Parking space for private vehicles Yes
Designated and marked parking spaces for vehicles Yes
Fixed sign / map at the port with directions between port and city Yes
Dedicated local cruise network and website Yes
Taxi stand and general price guidance information Yes
City maps available at pier Yes
Crew designated center available at the port No
Pier Information related to shore power
Is your port currently equipped with shore power? No
If NO, do you expect your port to have shore power in operation before 2027? When? Yes
Which cruise pier(s) (will) offer shore power? Krydstogtkajen - Pier 9
Max. LOA and max. draft of the cruise pier(s) that (will) offer shore power Max LOA 400m. Max draft 11.5 m
Port reception facilities / Waste handling
Direct shore connections available Yes
Number and maximum flow rate 200 cbm / hour
Direct downstream to municipal facilities Yes - via 800 cbm buffer tank
MARPOL standard connections fitted Yes
Barges available N/A
Number and maximum capacity of barges (cubm) N/A
MARPOL standard connections fitted N/A
Tank trucks available Yes
Number and maximum capacity of Tank trucks (cubm) 2 - No upper limit
MARPOL standard connections fitted N/A
Local storage - Sewage available and maximum capacity (cubm) Yes - no limit
Local storage - Bioresidue available and maximum capacity (cubm) Yes - trucks
Local storage - Fats, Oils from Hotel services available and maximum capacity (cubm) Yes - trucks
Local storage - Food waste reject water available and maximum capacity (cubm) Yes - trucks
Port reception facilities / Administration and reporting
PWMP - Port Waste Management Plan available and updated for Annex IV special area Yes
Type of PWMP - Port specific, Terminal/Pier specific or Hybrid Port Specific
Implemented Cruise specific Circ.644 - ANF Advanced Notification Form N/A
Implemented Cruise specific Circ.645 - WDR Waste Delivery Receipt N/A
Updated IMO Port Reception Facilities Database (PRFD) for Annex IV special area Yes
No Special Fee implemented Yes, up to a certain amount
Number of Alleged Inadequacies in 2017 None
Number of Alleged Inadequacies in 2017 cleared within the IMO PRFD None