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Date completed 11/02/2020
Completed by (name and position) Niels Lundberg Chief Business Officer & 2020
Name of the port and city Port of Rønne
Name and number of the pier Multikajen - Pier 34
Waste handling facilities
Direct shore connections available Direct shore connections available
Number and maximum flow rate 100 CUBM/Hour
Direct downstream to municipal facilities Yes
MARPOL standard connections fitted Yes
Barges available Not Available
MARPOL standard connections fitted Not available
Tank trucks available Yes
Number and maximum capacity of Tank trucks (cubm) 25 CUBM/Hour
MARPOL standard connections fitted Yes
Local storage - Sewage available and maximum capacity (cubm) 500 CUBM
Local storage - Fats, Oils from Hotel services available and maximum capacity (cubm) 2 CUBM
Administration and Reporting
PWMP - Port Waste Management Plan available and updated for Annex IV special area Yes
Type of PWMP - Port specific, Terminal/Pier specific or Hybrid Hybrid
Implemented Cruise specific Circ.644 - ANF Advanced Notification Form Yes
Implemented Cruise specific Circ.645 - WDR Waste Delivery Receipt Yes
Updated IMO Port Reception Facilities Database (PRFD) for Annex IV special area Yes
No Special Fee implemented Yes